Monday, March 28, 2011

Live Laugh Love Glass Studio - Gallery Development

Here are a few more conceptual drawings that Stephanie and I have been working on for Live Laugh Love Glass Studio. We are excited to be working with Chris Walker from CIDA Architecture who will help turn our designs into reality. In this set of drawings, we were aiming to tackle the front gallery space. Here are just a few questions we addressed in our design process:
  • How do you create displays that are an extension of the design?
  • How can you make display space unique and engaging? 
  • How do you introduce color in a gallery space without detracting from the art?
We addressed each of these issues and came up with the following solutions. 
  • We created a partition wall with stair-shaped recessed display space. Not only will this provide a variety of display space for art glass, it also is suggestive of the concealed staircase that lies behind it. 
  • An interactive display was designed to house the glass floats, baubles and other small art glass pieces. We designed a display box with a recessed area that will be lined with sand and piled with art glass. We felt that this would create an engaging display for customers, inviting them to interact with the art. 
  • A sculptural metal installation will wrap around 2 walls will provide numerous opportunities to display platters and other wall mounted pieces. This visually dynamic installation transforms into an abstracted cherry branch, glittering with glass blossoms.  
  • To introduce color without overwhelming the space,  we chose to use ribbons of color. By wrapping a ribbon of bright color around recessed shelving and on the edges of other materials, pops of color are introduced without detracting from the art. 

We are continuing to develop our ideas, so stay tuned for more process updates. Thanks for reading!

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