Friday, January 31, 2014

Chairs: Take a Seat

More than just a place to sit, chairs really define and complete a space. Designers throughout history have poured their heart and soul into creating and re-imagining the places we sit.

 Living Room Chairs

In living and family rooms, chairs are a chance to show your personality in a way that can't quite be done with sofas and tables. An interesting accent chair in an otherwise understated room can completely change the mood. Here are some imaginative chairs that can make or break a space.

Dining Chairs

Dining room chairs can also push the envelope and define a space. Pairing a unique dining chair with a classic table can change the entire feel of the room. Let's take a look at some fabulous dining chairs.

High Design: Statement pieces

Some chairs really challenge our perception of the usual places in which we rest our bodies. Let's take a look at what concepts some designers have imagined a chair could look like.

Have a seat!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wallpaper: Not For Wallflowers

If you hear the word wallpaper and it conjures up images of Grandma's floral formal dining room, you should throw out your preconceived notions and rethink what modern wallpaper can look like. These days wall coverings can come in a range of styles, textures, and patterns creating a mood or feeling that cannot be executed with paint alone. Here are some new and exciting looks in the world of wallpaper:

outdoor wallpaper


Wallpaper can be an excellent way to inject rich texture into a space. Modern wall coverings have come a long way in terms of creating an eye pleasing and unique aesthetic. Textured wall papers can create a mood and character in a room that cannot be accomplished through any other medium. Wall coverings now come in textures ranging from the subtle but elegant grass cloth options, to a more traditional looking embossed wallpaper, to the ultra modern textured geometrics that are pushing the limits of what a "wallpaper" means. 






3D wall panels

Geometric wall papers are a popular and bold choice that look great in many different spaces. A geometric pattern in a high contrast black and white can have a high impact. Whereas a softer more subtle color palette or pattern can impart interest to an elegant space. Colorful geometric wall coverings keep things playful and fun!


Whimsical wall papers can convey a sense of playfulness for someone looking for a lighthearted aesthetic. These wall coverings are fantastic in nurseries/kids rooms or in a quirky, eclectic space. They are perfect for powder rooms where you can have fun and get creative in a small space that guests frequent.

Avant Garde

Some wall papers are really pushing the design limits. These wall coverings impart the latest looks in a very interesting way. Unusual patterns and themes will keep spaces looking ultra hip and modern.
design milk

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Interior Design Trends 2014

It's a new year and a new start. 2014 brings a lot of innovative ideas and aesthetics for your home/space. Darker, richer colors dominate the color palettes this year, while blues of all types and shades can be seen everywhere from walls to textiles. Let's take a look at some of the exciting trends for the year ahead.


This year designers are going for a dramatic impact in the kitchen, which has long been the heart of the home. Cabinets are getting the bejeweled treatment in rich tones like emerald (pictured below) and sapphire.  Countertops and backsplashes are being outfitted in metallics and semi-precious stone surfaces, such as the gorgeous agate composite found at Caesarstone. Fixtures in brass and copper accents add glamour and decadence.

Lush Home


Keeping with the dramatic theme for 2014, shades of black are slowly replacing gray for higher contrast. Gray will continue to be popular this year, but black walls will become more prevalent for the more daring. Pairing black paint with white fixtures in a bathroom or kitchen can look down right avant garde.

lacquered black kitchen

black accent wall contrasts againt mantel


To ground the drama of the bejeweled paint colors this year, lighter wood tones are back in a big way. Walnut, oak and other lighter, but warm wood tones will be heavily utilized this year.

light wood cabinetry
Elle Decor


This year upholstery and other home textiles will continue to be dominated by warm and natural fabrics and textures. Chairs and sofas will be outfitted in corduroy and hair on hide textures. Drapery will be found in linen and other naturally sheer fabrics. Wood tones and even wood paneling (which is back in, of course in an updated way), will ground and give richness to the dark, dramatic color schemes.

design hunter


Elle Decor


2014 will see the return of high impact colors. These rich deco colors will replace the neutral grey/"greige" looks of the past year. Pantone's color of the year is Radiant Orchid, a vibrant purple tone. But don't be fooled..from turquoise, to cobalt,  to sky, shades of blue will reign supreme!\

Southern Living