Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Portland Farmhouse

Every so often a project comes along where you get to work on a design at its inception. So excited for my latest project outside of Portland. My clients are building a custom farmhouse on a 10 acre piece of property. The floorplan was pretty much in place, but the clients needed help making their vision of a northwest farmhouse, a reality. Wise Design will provide interior schematic design and space planning services, assistance in selecting all interior finishes, cabinetry/custom casework, fixtures, lighting, etc.

existing property

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mid Century Modern Hardware

Titan Escutcheon Plate, Rejuvenation 
First off..a quick vocabulary lesson. "Escutcheon" is actually the proper name from the little plate that surrounds your door knob. See how many useful things you learn in architecture school?

Rejuvenation just released a series of, to-die-for,  iconic mid-century modern hardware. I want this pretty piece (above) to bless my front door. With a hefty $228 price tag, I'll have to start saving my pennies...
Atlas Escutcheon Plate, Rejuvenation