Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Saved! Great Salvage Style

If you are looking for a sure fire way to add character and history to your space, using salvaged and re-purposed items is the way to go! Searching flea markets, vintage stores and architectural salvage locations isn't for everyone. However, if you enjoy the hunt and are willing to "think outside of the box", you can really imbue your space with seriously unique style! From re-purposed furniture, vintage signs or barn house lighting to salvaged wood planked walls/ceiling beams and reclaimed kitchen/bathroom cabinets, there are many ways to add a little or a lot of salvaged style to your rooms.

Furniture and Wall Accessories

Bringing in salvaged or re-purposed furniture can be a nice subtle way to introduce some salvage style to your space. To keep your room from looking like an antique store, keep the salvaged pieces to a minimum and mix with newer pieces. Sometimes just one great salvaged piece is enough to give the room a punch of character. Salvaged chairs look great around a reclaimed wood table, wood crates and ladders can make great book shelves, reclaimed signs can make great statement art pieces. There are many different ways to bring in salvage style.






Salvaged Wood Walls, Beams and Cabinetry 


If you really want to give your space a true salvage style look, a great way to do so is to start with the bones of your room. Adding salvaged wood to the walls, ceiling or cabinetry in a room can give you a richly rustic, lived in look. Reclaimed wood is a great way to bring serious character into any room.









Thursday, August 21, 2014

Make a Statement!

If you are not sure where to start when designing your space, one trick that designers often use is to pick one statement piece and design the room around that. Your statement could be made with artwork, furniture, a rug or even a wall treatment. Once you find your statement piece, keep the focus on that object by keeping other elements in the room toned down or neutral. Or conversely, you can echo the statement piece in other elements in the room.

Artwork with a Statement

When choosing your statement art, make it bold and use a large scale to really draw the eye to the piece.  Here are some great examples of statement art pieces in their space:





Furniture with a Statement

Furniture is also a great focal point to base your design upon. A great and unique piece of furniture can make an eye catching statement! Take a look at these great "wow-factor" furniture pieces.





Statement Rugs

Sometimes you just need a great, bold rug to "tie your room together". Designing your room around your rug can be a great place to start and can truly inspire your entire space. Here are some great examples of statement making rugs:




Statement Making Walls

 Another great way to make a statement is to let your walls do the talking. Utilizing your wall space can be a highly effective way of making a statement. Whether you use paint, wallpaper or some other creative method, a great eye catching wall can be a great place to start with your design style. Take a look at these walls with a statement.





Thursday, April 10, 2014

Keep it Simple: Minimal Children's rooms

Many trends in decorating children's rooms come and go, but here is one to keep...minimalism. With the amount of toys, books and gear that inherently come with having kids, paring down your space may not always be easy to achieve. However, creating a calm, uncluttered space for your child to play and sleep in is really worth a bit of effort.


For new parents, creating a minimal and simplified nursery can feel modern and serene. Keeping a simple palette, uncluttered and open space can feel downright zen. A feeling that may help in the early, sleepless nights of parenthood. Here are some examples of minimal nurseries.





Kid's Rooms

As children get older, it still makes good sense to keep things simple and organized. Growing kids need a calm space for homework as well as sleep and play. Modern, minimal rooms can carry them from kindergarten to high school with ease. Here are some examples of great minimal kid's rooms.





As you can see from these examples, even though the rooms are minimal, there is still plenty of room for fun! Incorporating whimsical art work or accessories is a great way to keep your children's room lighthearted and youthful. After all, children need a space to let their imagination go wild.