Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eye Candy - The Fall

I often watch movies,  never for the purpose of being inspired, but I love when a movie visually knocks me on my ass. The Fall, directed by Tarsem Singh (The Cell), starring Lee Pace and Catinca Untaru, is one such movie. I stumbled across this movie at Blockbuster back in 2007 (I know, Block-who?) and I was rendered speechless. I recently re-watched it I am pleased to say that I had the same reaction the second (and third, and fourth) time around.

The Fall follows the story of a young girl in the 20s who is staying at a Los Angeles infirmary with a broken arm. She befriends another patient, an injured stuntman, who begins to tell her a mythical story about a group of heroes. The lines of fantasy and reality blur when her vivid imagination and his altered state of mind converge.

Tarsem Singh (The Cell) is a visual genius. His creative use of costuming, color and set design (along with a proverbial middle finger to the likes of CGI) make this movie a visually stunning masterpiece. Today, I thought I'd share some inspiring images from this incredible movie.


  1. this looks amazing. i am embarrassed to say i've never heard of this film. i will definitely get up to scarecrow video and check it out. thanks =)

  2. No problem! Let me know what you think about it. It's one of my favorites.

  3. here is what i think about it: