Saturday, March 5, 2011

Glass Art Studio Design

While browsing on craigslist as I often do, and I stumbled onto a happy surprise. A design competition of sorts for an art glass studio. Interior Design jobs aren't listed everyday (I'm sure my fellow IARCH graduates can back me up on that), so when you find one, you have to pounce. And in this case, compete.

Designers were asked to create a conceptual vision and schematic design for Live Laugh Love Glass, a glass blowing studio. The design combines mixed use occupancies including a retail/display space, a restaurant, an observation deck and a hot shop (where the glass is blown).

I've dabbled in commercial and hospitality design but it's been a while since I've taken on a large project like this. So, who better to collaborate with, then my fellow classmate and friend, the wonderfully talented Stephanie Woods. We spent last week working until all hours of the night...reminiscent of our beloved studio days. Take a look!

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