Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Adventure Room

Welcome to the Adventure Room. Yes, it's a bedroom. No, not that kind of adventure. We call it the adventure room because it houses all the tid-bits we've picked up in our travels. Originally this was my husband's ONE room in the house that he got to decorate. So, he did. The result? Terrified house guests and hushed whispers of  "What is wrong with these people?" A gigantic kids bed made out of logs, creepy deathmasks, skulls, bull whips,  bullet shell necklaces, fake real-looking pistols...wouldn't you be scared? Needless to say, I had to take action.

First order of business...a new mattress. A big kid one. Cramming two people in a twin bed is never fun. Especially when the massive logs slip out from the bed frame and crash to the ground in the middle of the night sending our guests plummeting to the floor. Sorry, Stephanie. Second order of business...a few quick sketches, a trip to ikea, and a reintroduction of some of our travel goodies artfully placed with the utmost care in (hopefully) an un-terrifying way. Ta da. Done. Problem I like it more than our room. Husband's thoughts? "Where's the rest of my stuff?" 

Scandinavian Inspired Guest Bedroom 

Guest Bedroom with Aztec Calendar
Mask from our trip to Florence, Italy 

Moroccan Death Mask


  1. I love it! Can't wait to stay the night.

  2. Thanks Christy! Hopefully you won't be too scared? :)