Thursday, August 21, 2014

Make a Statement!

If you are not sure where to start when designing your space, one trick that designers often use is to pick one statement piece and design the room around that. Your statement could be made with artwork, furniture, a rug or even a wall treatment. Once you find your statement piece, keep the focus on that object by keeping other elements in the room toned down or neutral. Or conversely, you can echo the statement piece in other elements in the room.

Artwork with a Statement

When choosing your statement art, make it bold and use a large scale to really draw the eye to the piece.  Here are some great examples of statement art pieces in their space:

Furniture with a Statement

Furniture is also a great focal point to base your design upon. A great and unique piece of furniture can make an eye catching statement! Take a look at these great "wow-factor" furniture pieces.

Statement Rugs

Sometimes you just need a great, bold rug to "tie your room together". Designing your room around your rug can be a great place to start and can truly inspire your entire space. Here are some great examples of statement making rugs:

Statement Making Walls

 Another great way to make a statement is to let your walls do the talking. Utilizing your wall space can be a highly effective way of making a statement. Whether you use paint, wallpaper or some other creative method, a great eye catching wall can be a great place to start with your design style. Take a look at these walls with a statement.

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