Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Grant's Park Bedroom

Our client's daughter, Lucy, was in need of a bedroom update. At 17, she felt her bedroom looked too young and wanted the design to reflect her age. She had a lot of "stuff" (as most teenagers do) with nowhere to store it, resulting in an overwhelming amount of clutter.  Our approach for the design was to keep the aesthetic youthful, but add sophistication. The client requested that the paint stay the same, so we developed a striking, yet playful palette around the wall color.  To add elegance, we replaced her existing fixture with the chandelier from the dining room, (a family heirloom). Using a circular rug and some seating, we created a small reading/conversation area in the center of the room.  The room lacked storage and a space for doing homework. We worked with Jason Crawley Woodworks and carefully designed a built-in to maximize storage and work space, without overwhelming the room. To create a cohesive look, we matched the existing molding and styled the cabinets after the renovated kitchen. A large pin up board sits above the desk to display pictures, notes and mementos.   

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