Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mid-Century Ranch Bathroom Remodel - The Plan

I just finished the design plan for the main bathroom remodel in our mid-century ranch. We weren't exactly planning on undertaking a project of this magnitude with a baby just around the corner and an enormous Halloween party to plan. But, that's the way life goes. A clog in the sink led to a hole in the wall, which led to the decision to just gut the whole bathroom and start from scratch. So here we are.

The culprit: 

Below are a few pics of the current bathroom.

The problem(s): 

1. Not enough storage! I'm sure all women can agree with me..we come with a lot of "stuff." Bottles and perfumes and make-up and hairdryers really take up a lot of space. We are planning to install an IKEA godmorgon cabinet with two very spacious drawers along with a medicine cabinet. In addition, we are adding a custom, double shelved niche in the shower. All my "stuff" will be neatly tucked away..out of site, out of mind. Yahoo!

2. No plugs. Our house was built in 1954, which I guess gives it a valid excuse for not having outlets in the bathroom. But, not a good enough excuse. I've grown rather tired of using an extension cord strung from the bedroom to the bathroom to dry and curl my hair. Nightmare. Time for a change.

3. Water damage. I mean everywhere. This bathroom was recently "remodeled" before we moved in...whoever did it had absolutely no idea what they were doing. We are rebuilding the shower with cement backer board and several kinds of waterproofing materials, replacing all the drywall with green board AND installing a bathroom fan JUST to make sure we don't have problems in the future. (I'm a little nervous about cutting a hole in the roof...might seek some professional help for that one)

4. Outdated.  Plastic shower surround? Yuck. Linoleum floor? Yuck. Brass hardware? Yikes. Time for a face lift.We are tiling the shower surround with modern, white 4x12 subway tiles and replacing the floor with a gray/silver honed travertine. We will be painting the walls a very subtle shade of gray and adding some bright pops of yellow for contrast.

The design solution: 

Here's the plan. Pretty, isn't it?

Now..time for demo.

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