Thursday, May 5, 2011

the perfect office chair

I am in the middle of an ongoing search for the perfect office chair. I'm looking for a perfect balance between form and function, style and comfort.  It's no easy task. Today I thought I'd share a few of my favorite office chairs. Which one would you pick?

the eames management chair. always a classic. simple, elegant and iconic. would make a beautiful addition to any office.

knoll generation chair. RIDICULOUSLY comfortable and flexible.  it's completely customizable so you can personalize it to your space. for comfort alone, this is your guy.

freedom saddle w/ex high piston - prima leather. a little unconventional , but give it a try, you'll be surprised. uses an ergonomic "saddle posture", which reduces pressure points and allows you to be close to your work.  adjustable seat and foot ring makes this perfect for drafting. plus, it can be slipped out of sight under a desk.  

blue dot's "real good chair"  love the name. this chair is ikea-esque in it's assembly .  it's laser cut, powder coated steel panels are assembled to create a sleek modern, yet surprisingly comfortable chair. and, it has cute instructional video entitled "Mr. Squirrel Assembles a Real Good Chair".

ah, the verner panton chair. this chair is SO versatile. i have four of them and am constantly moving them around.  2 are now in my studio on either side of my drafting table. they are comfortable to sit and work in for hours on end. 

philippe stark's hula hoop chair by vitra. in an array of colors, these chairs will add style to your office in no time. the chair gets its name from a tilting mechanism that allows the user to lean  forward, backward and sideways making it both flexible and comfortable. 

i had to throw this one in by the bourellec brothers, who i adore. they are the masters of the unconventional , pushing boundaries with each and every designs. the workbay chair was designed to protect users visually and acoustically from blinders for a horse. unfortunately, it still doesn't help with facebook distractions.

Well, that's all folks. What's your vote? 

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